• Socratic Seminars Overview

    Goal: The goal of a Socratic Seminar is to build the groups understanding of a topic through questions and dialogue.

    Preparation: In order to be ready to contribute effectively to the conversation one must spend significant time in preparation. Follow these preparation steps for all seminars:

    1. Read and annotate all assigned readings and bring those annotated readings to the seminar.
    2. Prepare multiple questions for the seminar modeled after the essential question(s) for the topic.
    3. Complete any notes and/or other assignments given by your teacher.

    Participation: There are a number of expectations for a student’s participation in a seminar.

    1. Engage in dialogue on topic.
    2. Refer to the text as often as possible.
    3. Ask good discussion questions.
    4. Take notes on the other(s) seminars.
    5. Provide feedback to your partner(s).

    Assessment of Seminars: Your grade of a seminar will be based on a combination of your preparation and participation in the seminar.

    • 60% of your grade is based on completing the prep work before the seminars begins.
    • 40% of your grade will be based on participation in the seminar.