Colorado Springs School District 11

Inspire Every Mind

Activity Bus


    • A coach or Point of contact must meet the bus each night with an up to date student list that includes the students’ name/address and phone number. (Highlight students who actually get on the bus).
    • Students riding the bus must be part of an after school program.
    • Manifest of riders must be completed and issued to school bus driver's.
    • List, which club or sport each student is coming from.
    • Detention students are not allowed to ride.
    • Only students eligible for Transportation can ride the activity bus.
    • Activity Route Stops are not the same as the regular school bus stops - they are streamlined and typically stop at the closest elementary school.
    • Students are only allowed 1 write up before the student is off the activity bus
    • No one is allowed on the bus except students and the driver
    • No food or drink is allowed on the bus.
    • Avoid handing out permission slips for the bus.  They tend to get abused by forgery, contacts not meeting the bus and the driver not sure if the student is eligible for the activity bus.
    • Have 1 designated contact person that coordinates the scheduling of the activity bus i.e. school principal.
    • Preferably a coach or chaperone should ride with students for athletic activity events (such as track meets).


    • Please make requests 4 weeks prior to the start of the activity .
    • Make requests in writing through Email to
    • List the dates and times requested followed by the expected number of students that will be riding.
    • Stipulate the requested bus departure time .
    • Provide the point of contact information including name, number, and school .
    • Coordinate with all coaches, groups, and sponsors to set up accurate schedule to avoid last minute schedule changes/requests .
    • With special requests such as track meets don’t forget to list the number of students that are expected to ride and how many buses you will need.
    • Regular routes take priority over activity routes.
    • To cancel a bus call us at 520-2940.