• Welcome to the CU Succeed/CU Gold Program

    CU Gold - Links below in order to access UCD or UCCS program.

    Registration Dates 

    UCD   -  Fall 2019 registration is now open through September 20.  Mrs. Schulzki will visit classes after September 3 to provide and remind students about registration.* 

     AP Chemistry (Nash) - General Chemistry I - Chem 2051 - 3 credits

     AP Chemistry Lab (Nash) - General Chemistry I Lab - Chem 2058 - 1 credit

     AP Biology (Muth) - General Biology I - Biol 2051 - 3 credits

     AP Biology Lab (Muth) - General Biology I Lab - Biol 2071 - 1 credit

     AP English Language (Philipsen) - Core Composition I - Engl 1020 - 3 credits

     Senior English (Stuckey) - Intro to Fiction - Engl 1200 - 3 credits

     Senior English (Stuckey) - From Novel to Film - Engl 3200 - 3 credits



    UCCS -  Fall 2019 registration for courses are open after September 3 - October 15, 2019.  Mrs. Schulzki will visit classes after Sept. 3 to provide and remind students about registration.*  

    AP US History 1 (Kane) - History/Emergence of Modern America - Hist 1530 - 3 credits

    AP Calculus II (Del Valle) - Calculus II - Math 1360 - 4 credits



    UCCS - CU Platinum - Communications 2100 - tuition free opportunity for students to register for a Public Speaking course. Registering now through September 11. 3 college credits, 1 high school elective credit. See Mrs. Schulzki, north end of the library, if interested. Or contact:  719.328.4172  or ann.schulzki@d11.org


    *All students must register during the semester/year (depending on course registration window) in which the course is taken.

    CU Succeed/Gold Program

    Coronado High School has one of the largest dual enrollment programs in the state of Colorado.  We take great pride in the fact that so many of our students want to challenge themselves academically. as well as earn college credit, while they are still in high school.   Please explore the link below to the CU Succeed/Gold website in order to gain information about course offerings and upcoming registration. 
    Tuition for college has risen throughout the state, and CU Gold is no exception.  This year, each credit hour will be providedtuition-free so long as the student has applied, enrolled, turned in the tuition contract (and parent permission form for each UCD class) and earns a D or better in the course.

    Registration Information

    To be distributed after September 3.  Registration is now open for Fall 2019.  Registration windows indicated below: 
    Click on websites below for registration connections and information.
    UCDenver: https://clas.ucdenver.edu/cusucceed/ - September 4 - September 20, 2019
    UCCS: https://www.uccs.edu/outreach/cu-succeed/ - September 4 - October 15, 2019
    Fall 2019 CU Succeed/Gold Tuition Contract due: October 15, 2019 - Extended Studies Contract