• Extended Study/Dual Credit options for next year - 

    2022-23 Proposed CU Succeed-Dual Credit Courses


    Welcome to the CU Succeed Program

    CU Succeed Spring 2022 courses 


    Earn College Credit through CU Succeed 

    Coronado High School has one of the largest dual enrollment programs in the state of Colorado.  We take great pride in the fact that so many of our students want to challenge themselves academically, as well as earn college credit, while they are still in high school.   Please explore the link below to the CU Succeed/Gold website in order to gain information about course offerings and upcoming registration. 
    Tuition for college has risen throughout the state, and CU Succeed is no exception.  This year, each credit hour will follow the following payment structure so long as the student has applied and  enrolled. Students must earn a D or better in the course. However, a C or better is best articulated.
    All students must register during the semester/year (depending on the course registration window) in which the course is taken.

    What is CU Succeed?  

    CU Succeed Dual Enrollment Programs collaborate with high schools in Colorado in offering students the opportunity to get a head start on their college careers by taking CU Denver  and UCCS courses, for both high school and college credit, during the school day, on the high school campus. The CU Succeed Program faculty is comprised of high school teachers who have been certified and granted an adjunct faculty appointment by a CU Denver academic department. The Fall 2021 CU Succeed course registration is now open to students.


    >>UCDenver, CU Succeed –  registration has begun...

    Spring 2022 Dates and Deadlines - UCDenver CU Succeed due February 4!

    Registration Opens: January 4
    Registration Closes: February 4
    Parent/Guardian Forms Due: February 15
    Last Day to Drop: March 25
    Last Day to Withdraw: April 1
    Tuition Due: March 31 – Tuition per credit at UCDenver is $77 with most classes being 3 or 4 credits

    Instructions and forms are located on the Students tab


    The registration form is now open and students can start registering for CU credit!

    All you need to do is click the “Register Here” button on the website and fill out the form. https://clas.ucdenver.edu/cusucceed/

    1.  Informational link: https://clas.ucdenver.edu/cusucceed/students
    2.  Parents  will need to fill out and send Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility form to UCDenver due February 15. 
    3.  Courses listed below along with tips, deadlines and reminders.
    4.  See Ms. Rutberg if you have any questions or concerns – Rm. 228 North end of Library, or contact her at leslie.rutberg@d11.org– glad to come by and talk to students if you need me to discuss CU Succeed credit and AP, or why earned credits now might be important. 
    5. Each credit is $77.00 – far cheaper than on college campus, averaging $350.00 or more depending on the university.

    BIOL 2010             G06      42956                 $231.00              3           AP Biol – Mr. Muth          Guaranteed Transfer

    BIOL 2011             G05      42950                   $77.00              1           AP Biol – Mr. Muth          GT

    CHEM 2061           G05      42332                $231.00               3          AP Chem  - Mr. Nash      GT

    CHEM 2068           G05      42340                  $77.00               1          AP Chem  - Mr. Nash      GT

    ENGL 2030            G08      42413                $231.00               3          AP English Lang/Core Comp II – Mr. Philipsen  GT

    ENGL 1200            G03      42396                $231.00               3          Intro to Fiction – Ms. Stuckey   GT

    ENGL 2156            G02      42420                $231.00               3          Intro to Creative Writing – Ms. Stuckey   GT


    >UCCS CU Succeed Registration, Spring 2022 – Due March 3!

    Check with your teacher below for registration instructions on their Schoology page.  There are several steps, so register before the deadline.  Each credit is $52.00.  Course credit is transferable in and out of Colorado. 

    • Registration due: March 3, 2022
    • Payment: due at time of registration through student account – no later than March 30, 2022
    • UCCS CU Succeed tuition: $52.00 per credit hour
    • Order CU transcript through your UCCS account – seniors should order their college transcript after June 15 to send to the college of their choice



    Instructor                       Course Name                      Credits             Class                       Section         Number

    Barnett                      Intro to Basic Stats                          3               MATH 2810                   CU11           43088

    Yeh                     Elem. Functions (Pre-Calc)               4               MATH 1050                    CU13           34719

    Del Valle                     Calculus I                                       4               MATH 1350                    CU12           34870

    Del Valle                     Calculus III                                     4               MATH 2350                    CU3             35031

    Kane                 US : Recent Amer 1918-Present               3               HIST 1540                      CU2             34839

    *McLean            Princ. Of Engineering                               3               ENGR 1502                    P13             34997

    *McLean            Intro. to Engineering Design                    2               ENGR 1503                    P18             34790

    *McLean            Aerospace Engineering                           3               ENGR 1504                     P06            34796

    *McLean            Comp. Int. Manufacturing                        3               ENGR 1507                    P03             35032

    Trocha                Intermediate French I                             4                FR 2110                          CU1           34692

    Trocha                Intermediate French II                           3                FR 2120                          CU1          34693

    Urban                 Intermediate Spanish I                           5                SPAN 2110                      CU5          34827

    Urban                 Intermediate Spanish II                          3                SPAN 2120                      CU4          34810

    Schroth              General Psychology                               3                PSY 1000                         CU2          34740

    Wade                  Physics Life Sci I -Alg.-based                 4                PES 1010                         CU3         34875

    Wade                  Gen. Physics Lab I – Alg.-based            1                 PES 1150                         CU2        34973

    Wade                  Gen. Physics I – Calc.-based                 4                 PES 1110                         CU1         34968

    **CU Platinum    Public Speaking (online, after school)    3              COMM 2100                       CU91        34849


    *All Engineering courses offered through Project Lead the Way are $102.00 per credit hour

    **CU Platinum – district, online courses taught by UCCS instructor – School District 11 pays tuition for this course


    Please note:

    1. In the past few years, student tuition has been paid by School District 11.  That is not the case this year.  All UCCS CU Succeed courses are paid by student/parent.
    2. Students should work to earn a C or better in order for the course to articulate. Students must communicate with their instructor if they have questions or concerns.
    3. Many of our former students who took advantage of CU Succeed courses have found quite a benefit in terms of preparation for college, but also articulation of credits at the college of their choice, while providing time and financial savings, as well as choices and course options.
    4. If students need help accessing their CU student number or have questions about CU Succeed, please have them email Leslie Rutberg, leslie.rutberg@. d11.org. Students should read and follow all directions provided to apply and register – links above or check out your teacher’s Schoology page for links to registration.