Field Trips

  • Colorado Springs School District 11
    Transportation Department Memo
    To: All School Administrators / Teachers
    Subj: Field Trip Costs 
    This letter provides the published rates for Field Trips for the ‘22-23' school year.  All costs originate and end at the Transportation Center – 5240 Geiger Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80915.  Rates are effective starting June 1, 2022. 
    In District Customers Hourly Driver Rate - $25.75 plus $3.50 per mile 
    Out of District Customers (Non-Profits) Hourly Driver Rate - $25.75 plus $4.00 per mile.  Please note an additional 7.46% surcharge is added by the district accounting department.
    Field trips are scheduled between the hours of 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (between AM and PM route times).  Field trips can be scheduled online through the District 11 website or the following link Online Request.  Please ensure that your field trip requests are scheduled and approved at least thirty (30) days prior to the trip. Field trip requests received with less than (30) days notice are subject to a $50 late submission fee per request.  Peak demand for field trips has traditionally been at the beginning and ending of the school year.  Early planning and requests at the beginning of the year for transportation support can help ensure that transportation will be available. 
    If you require a bus with under carriage luggage storage capability, please specify that requirement in your transportation request. To reserve out of town field trip buses please contact Transportation at 520-2947. 
    All administrators and teachers, who are field trip sponsors, should read and comply with District Field Trip Procedures.  This information can be found on the District 11 Transportation WEB Site.  Compliance with the procedures will help ensure proper planning, safety and execution of your transportation support.  A review of the Board Policy concerning Field Trips in support of educational objectives is highly recommended.