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    U.S. History 3  course Pretest opens in schoology on January 7, 2021 at 1:00 PM and closes January 8 at 1:00 PM

    U.S. History 3 is divided into 3 distinct units, each with a unit test and a cumulative class final. All assignments and class materials will be uploaded daily in schoology, and you are aslo required to complete a daily attendance check in everyday in schoology. The rough schedule is listed below.

    Unit 1
    Week 1 Pre-test, course introduction, Reconstruction
    Week 2 Presidential and Congressional Reconstruction, Reconstruction successesand failures
    Week 3 Westward migration, Effects on Native Americans, Effects on the West,Unit 1 Test

    Unit 2
    Week 4 The Gilded Age, the Second Industrial Revolution, the growth of railroads
    Week 5 Gilded Age Inventors and Influencers, Monopolies, Trusts, and RobberBarons
    Week 6 Gilded Age Corruption, Political Movements, Unit 2 test

    Unit 3
    Week 7 The Progressive Era, Roots of, Reformers
    Week 8 Progressive Presidents – Roosevelt & Taft, Trust Busting, Conservation,Regulation
    Week 9 Progressive Presidents – Wilson, the End of Progressivism, WW I,Cumulative Final

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