• "Imagine a bowl sitting in front of you. That bowl holds a hundred different pieces of red candy: ninety-five cherry flavored and five red-hot cinammon flavored. They all look the same and are all equally tasty, but those five cinammon candies are drastically different form the others.

    Now imagine being a cinammon candy in that bowl. Because there are only five other candlies like you in that whole bowl, chances are you are nowhere near another cinammon candy. You might feel all alone. You might feel like you are the candy with a little spice. You might feel like you are supposed to be like all the other pieces of candy that surround you.

    Being a gifted kid, you can probably relate. Many gifted kids feel different. Many well-meaning adults may even try to make you feel better by saying, "Oh you really arent that different from anyone else," or "You're just as normal as the other kids." But we know differently, don't we?

    You are different. You are one of the five conammon candies in a world full of cherry candies. As a gifted kid, your life is "spicier" than the lives of 95 percent of the people of the world. As a gifted kid, you might look the same on the outside, but your brain works in a way that is entirely different from the brains of the vast majority of people. Some things come more easily to you than they do for other people. You may be able to explore ideas more deeply than kids your age can. As a gifted kid, you experience life in a more complex, speedier, and often more intense way. This doesn't make you better than anyone else. It isn't good or bad. It is simply different.

    And okay."

    -- exerpt from "The Gifted Kids Workbook" by Heather Boorman, 2018


    See Mrs. Palmer for a cinammon candy. She always keeps them in her desk.