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  • D11 FAFSA Training & FSA ID Prep.
    Join D11 Futures and the Colorado Association of Financial Aid Administrators (CAFAA) to learn about the 2024/24 FAFSA. October 11th from 4pm-6pm. Click here for more information.

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  • D11 Opportunities to Launch
    Attend an informational night and learn about District 11 Career and Technical Education: Automotive, Culinary, Engineering, Work-Based Learning, and Postsecondary opportunities such as ASCENT, TREP, and the Promise. Events will be held at various locations over the next few months. Click here for dates, times & more information.

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  • D11 Big Kid Book Club

    School District 11 invites your child to join the Big Kid Book Club! Let us help your child cultivate a love for reading – and get ready for kindergarten.

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  •  Best, First Instruction

    Best, First Instruction

    Best, First Instruction (BFI) in D11 is the Tier I Learning System for ALL students regardless of subject or grade. Find out more..

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    Career and Technical Education

    Your child is unique. They have interests that may not even be known yet, and that's normal! Giving them early exposure to the careers available to them fosters their curiosity, connects them to possibilities, and ignites their passion for continued learning. Let us help guide your family along the way.

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  •  D11 Pathways

    D11 Personalized Education Pathways

    Children begin showing interest in the world at a very young age. Foster their curiosity and help them enjoy their educational journey by exploring the various D11 personalized education pathways designed to spark their interests and passions.

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    Explore District 11 Schools by Location

    Northside, Southside, Westside, or Central Colorado Springs, District 11 has a school that offers many unique options for your child, whether they are beginning their educational journey in Preschool or heading to High School. Explore your options!

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  •  D11 Stories

    D11 Stories

    A good story is unforgettable. In today's digitally distracted world, it's easy to forget statistics, facts, a face, a name...but a story will likely stick with you. In District 11, there are thousands of stories to be told! Our goal is to share these impactful stories, while enhancing both internal and external communications throughout D11.

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