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    The vision of Midland International Elementary is to develop internationally-minded, life-long learners who exhibit intercultural understanding and respect. 


    We offer a student centered, inquiry-based curriculum that is both challenging and relevant. We provide a safe, nurturing learning environment while encouraging students to make meaningful contributions to our ever-changing world.


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  • Get ready for an exciting year with students, families, staff and the Colorado Springs community of District 11! With a new strategic plan taking hold, we will begin a journey that will guide our district for years to come! Be watching for new information about the development of the Colorado Springs District 11 Plan!

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  • In honor of our community Veteran's we would like to have a big assembly to show the students what Veteran's day is all about!

    We are asking students to bring in photos of a veteran they are connected to. It could be an active duty member or someone with honorable prior service. It should be a family member such as a father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, brother, or sister.

    Original pictures will be scanned-in and sent home immediately. From the scanned file, we would print (8x10) pictures to display during our assembly. For each picture, we would need to know:

    -Student who brought in the picture
    -Relationship to the pictured veteran
    -Branch of service in which the veteran served

    If possible we would love to have your student participate. Please email pictures to Sra. Cade at PATRICIA.CADE@d11.org or bring them to the front office.

    Thank you!

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  • Keep your eyes open for a new School District 11 monthly e-newsletter that will be delivered right to your inbox! The new e-newsletter will feature regular updates on the 2017 mill levy override implementation, what is top of mind for district leadership, a student and/or staff spotlight story and videos of our new Superintendent, Mr. Michael Thomas as he visits schools and works with students and staff.

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  • The Y will be offering both morning and afternoon care at Midland when classes resume in August.  I know this will be of great benefit to many of the new and returning students.

    It is a delight to be working with you and the rest of the Mustang family.  If any families or caregivers need more information, they can see me in person or go online at www.ppymca.org .  We are starting to sign kids up NOW!
    Feel free to put this out there via the school website, email and Facebook page.  Have a fun time as the school year winds down.
    Yours truly,
    -- Steve Bell,
    Site director
    at Midland
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  • Did you know District 11 schools work hard to build strong relationships between home and school? Most all D11 schools have a Family Involvement Toolkit Coach, or F.I.T. Coach who designs plans throughout the school year to increase family involvement. Be part of your school’s community to increase family involvement by joining the PTA, PTO, F.I.T. planning, or a variety of other opportunities. Together we all help our students succeed! For more information on the Family Involvement Toolkit, please visit d11.org/communications and click on the family involvement links, or call the main office to get involved.

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