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  • iPad How To: Logging into the internet from home

    1. Go to settings and turn OFF your Wi-Fi. Even if you have home Wi-Fi!
    2. Make sure your DATA is turned on
    3. Push you home button to go to your main screen, and scroll to find the yellow exclamation point icon that says "HOME LOGIN" underneath it. This will take you to a blue screen that will ask for your username and password. Use the same username and password that you would normally use to login to computers at school. Login with your D11 username and password.
    4. Be sure the server dropdown is set to “instructsec”. This will allow you to be on D11 internet and monitored by the district filter. 
    5. If you have at home wifi you may not go to settings and turn your Wi-Fi back on. Select your home network and enter your password if you have it. 

    ** Picture instructions are available in the Ipad Handbook Link above**