• All District 11 Schools Offer Free Full-Day Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Age Requirements
    Children must be five years of age on or before October 1 to enroll in kindergarten. If a student is transferring from a parochial, private or other public school at the kindergarten or first-grade level and does not meet the District 11 entrance age requirements, it is recommended that the principal, teacher and a supervisor screen the student as an exception and make a decision at the building level.

    What We Believe
    Success Builds Success - District 11 Full Day Kindergarten provides benefits:

    • More time to address State/ District academic standards
    • More individual attention for kids
    • Fewer transitions, less stress
    • Relaxed, orderly pace
    District 11’s full-day, tuition-free kindergarten offers more of a great thing! Full-day kindergartners benefit from more time to begin learning to read and write, to explore learning activities of all kinds, and to develop all-important academic and social skills.

    Learning Success
    Full-day kindergartners have more time with their teachers, more individual attention and small-group learning. Full-day programs give students more time to become proficient readers and writers. There's also more time for other subjects, such as science, math, art and physical education.

    Growth Success
    Full-day kindergartners are typically more independent learners. They participate more in the classroom and are more comfortable asking questions and seeking help from their teachers. Full-day kindergartners shine when it comes to relationship building, developing better-than-average social skills with their peers.

    One-on-One Success
    An extended kindergarten day gives teachers more time for small-group and individual learning. There's more time to assess and assist children at all developmental levels: under-performing students grow their skills more quickly and higher level students get the challenges they need.

    Success Through ContinuityKindergarten
    Full-day kindergarten also means less change, fewer transitions from one setting to another during the school day. When combined with the before- and after-care available at many of our school sites, children are able to settle into a comfortable environment from the time they're dropped off in the morning until you come to pick them up in the afternoon.

    Buena Vista Montessori Kindergarten 
    Classrooms are staffed by Colorado-licensed and Montessori-certified teachers and utilize unique Montessori teaching materials. The primary classrooms are beautifully prepared environments that allow children to explore and master sensorial materials designed for their development. Pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math skills are fostered in preparation for future success. Independence and self-discipline are cultivated through respect, freedom, and responsibility.