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    Galileo School of Math and Science currently has two social media accounts. Our Facebook account can be found at https://www.facebook.com/galileoschool/ or by clicking the Facebook logo on the bottom of our webpage. Our Twitter account is Galileo SMS @GaliSMS. Any other social media including Instagram and Snapchat, that has our logo or name on it is not an official school account and we do not control it. When we find out about these account we do what we can to shut them down but unfortunately, the companies that provide these accounts are not always helpful about removing false accounts. Please be aware that we do not promote, condone, or sanction anything that may be found on these counterfeit accounts.

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    Galileo School of Math and Science

    1600 N. Union Blvd.
    Main Line: 719-328-2200
    Attendance: 719-328-2213
    Fax Number: 719-448-0498

    School Hours: 8:40AM - 3:40 PM


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