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    5110 El Camino Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    (719) 328-5600 main Blue Dot  (719) 328-5616 attendance Blue Dot  (719) 260-8811 fax


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    August 13: Back to School Meet & Greet 2:30-3:00
    August 14: First Day of School
    August 28: Open House 5:30-7:00

    School Supplies
    School Supplies:
    School supplies for Fremont Elementary students will be provided by the district during the 2019-2020 school year. However, it is suggested that families purchase a backpack for their students. (As always, students will need athletic shoes for P.E.)


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    Office Hours:
    Beginning August 2nd 7:30-3:00

    Enrollment Information:
    Fremont Elementary's office is open for enrollment.

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