• Mr. Blake


    It is with great excitement that I welcome your family to the  Rogers Elementary General Music and Instrumental Music program! Learning to play a musical instrument and acquiring the unique habits of mind that come with it is one of the most incredible opportunities that our school can offer your child. The instruments that will be placed in your child’s hands have the power to transform their lives in ways that no other endeavor can. In addition to musical accomplishments, this year your child will learn to:

    Solve problems and set goals/work as a team/express themselves while building self-confidence and esteem/build physical coordination/be patient and persistent with difficult tasks/cultivate grit

    At the beginning of every school year I am not only passionate about growing a new generation of musician, music lover, and future patron of the arts — I am determined to arm our children with the tools to become great thinkers, citizens, and lifelong lovers of learning.  I will take care of the musical instruction on my end, but the actions of parents assisting their children’s practice at home, accompanied with a long-term commitment to their children staying in our school music program, will ensure that they receive the best education our schools have to offer.

    Please join me in what I know will be a transformative experience for your child this year.


    Tim Blake