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Ms. Eva Syrovy

Hi there. 

Funny quarter, isn't it? I'm trying to look at it as an adventure of sorts. Just now I listened to a news program, in which they interviewed a man from Wuhan, a city just coming out of its own "stay at home with a vengeance" order.  

Asked for advice in how to survive life inside, with friends and acquaintances in other places, he suggested we treat it as a challenge - an opportunity to get to know ourselves and those closest to us better. To learn a new skill, maybe.

My 2 sons, at 21 and 35, live in other states in other places in the country. We talk nearly every day, though, and I have to say I know more about them than I have in years. My longtime boyfriend, Tim, and I have not seen each other in weeks, either - we talk on the phone and occassionally video. I send prayers daily that my iron-tough mom, who at 91 and a month after her hip replacement surgery complains about how she can only walk 2 - 3 miles a day, stays healthy.

I take walks daily, listening mostly to science books, and practice ukulele nearly every day, as well. I live in a very old house that's gradually falling apart, but that I love as you can only love a thing you've taken care of. 

I was born in another country, called Czechia, a small land-locked land in the center of Europe. I came to this country when I was 12, so you can still hear my accent when I'm nervous. I have two Bachelor's degrees (psychology and geology) and a Master's degree in Education. I've completed 12 triathlons and 5 marathons - so yes, fitness is important to me.

Oh. And I have a cat, Charlie. Charlie's favorite game, when I sit on the sofa and work, is to sit next to me. Then he gently bats me with his paw - alternating sides - and when I look up, soulfully gazes into my eyes. "Scratch me," he would be begging if he could only get his tongue to work right.

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