• Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Springs School District 11 2020-2021 Aspiring to Leadership (A2L) program.

    Successfully screened applicants will engage, collaborate, think critically, create, and learn how to be a future leader in District 11. The A2L program is rooted in Principal standards and focused on preparing you to be a viable Principal candidate. Please note that, being selected as a candidate to the program does not guarantee that you will be hired as an administrator in District 11. We have had many people complete the program with the intent to be a school, department or District 11 leader regardless of positional title.

    To begin the process, you will need to have a conversation with your direct supervisor. Given that you will be away from your current assignment for at least 8 days, and serve as a Principal substitute at times during the school year, it is critical to have his or her support. If your supervisor feels you are a viable candidate for the program you will need to complete the following survey. Please also submit the required documents to Janail Johnson at janail.johnson@d11.org.

      D11 Logo D11 K-12 Aspiring to Leadership Survey


    Please provide the following required documents:

    1. Current resume.
    2. Letter of interest as if you were applying for a Principalship.
    3. A letter/statement of recommendation from your current supervisor supporting your candidacy for this program.
    4. Documentation of Principal Licensure or documentation of enrollment in an administrative licensure cohort.

    Please note that successfully screened applicants into the program may require summer and school year trainings. Any potential summer trainings are not yet scheduled. Beginning in August 2020 through May 2021 candidates will meet once a month for four to eight hours the third Thursday of each month (during the school day - substitutes are provided) to fully experience the A2L program. Program members may receive credit towards licensure recertification if specific criteria is met.

    Questions - 719.352.7872