• Mrs. Camla Schultz

    Phone: (719)328-5860
    Email: camla.schultz@d11.org
    Degrees and Certifications:
    Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education - University of Arizona
    National Board Certified Teacher


  • Welcome to my Teacher Page!

    I have been teaching for 27 years, mostly in first grade. I love witnessing children's progress throughout the year in every subject area, but one of my very favorites is math. And reading. And writing. And social studies. I guess truly I love to teach everything!

    I have three children (one is my step-son who lives in Arizona), and three grandsons. My family is my whole heart, but teaching is a close second! 

    I love to create, and that entails lots of aspects of my life. I decorate for every season and holiday, I love to learn how to make new things, such as jewelry, and I LOVE to organize! I'm sure your students have told you about our rainbow classroom :).

    My favorite way to learn is to travel. I have been to Kenya twice, and part of my heart will always be there. I love the Kenyan people, and their way of life is fascinating to me. I share my travels with my students so they can envision themselves in faraway places and imagine different cultures. I think travel is the most sure way to build tolerance. Seeing different places, people, and cultures first hand gives me a deep appreciation for the value ALL people bring to this world.

    One of the things I love most is reading. I fill my classroom with books, and I love to see children engaged with them. One of the best parts of the year is when they have become motivated to sound out words because they are excited to find out what is happening in the text. That makes my heart sing! I also love to see them checking out books that I have shared with them because they enjoyed them so much. Yay for amazing authors/illustrators!

    Thank you again for visiting this page. I hope we can connect about your precious first grader and that you enjoy what you see here. My goal is to not be a stranger, and for you to know what makes me tick. My heart is set on making your child's first grade year productive, engaging, and mostly FUN!


    Mrs. Schultz