History in a picture

    I have been teaching Social Studies at Palmer High School since 2016. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas (No I don't have an accent) and moved to Colorado when I was 6. After graduating High school, I got my Bachelor of Arts in History with a Education minor/specification at Colorado State University (The only college that matters in CO), where I started teaching at Palmer! Besides teaching I enjoy cooking, reading, playing a variety of sports, and playing pranks on people!

     In late 2015, I was blessed with the adopodoting of my first pet rock! His name was Rockmallow and he was the apple of my eye. Sadly, two years later Rockmallow got inquisitive and roamed out of the house and I haven't seen him since, but that is my burden to bear.

    Besides teaching Freshman, I also teach Avid 10th Grade, coach JV Tennis, and am the Mock Trial Sponsor for Palmer.


    Uh that is all my humble bragging soo have fun looking at the site! if you find a typo please let me know!


    Mr. J