Digital HS

    Full Time Enrollment Application


    Part Time Enrollment Application

    (Part time enrollment is for current D11 full-time students only.)

     2023-2024 Schedule 

    Full-time students need to log-in 4.5 hours per day & make progress 5 days per week. Part-time students are 100% remote & expected to log-in 4-5 hours per week. 

    Monday & Friday:

    Morning Session:  7:10am-11am

    Breakfast: 7am-8am & Morning session lunch: 11am-12:45pm

    Afternoon Session:  12pm-4:00pm

    Afternoon Session lunch: 12:30pm-12:45pm

    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:

    Morning Session:  7:10am-11:35am

    Breakfast: 7am-8am & Morning session lunch: anytime after class

    Afternoon Session:  11:40am-4pm

    Afternoon Session lunch: 12:30pm-12:45pm


    Digital HS

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