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UtilizationLogo.pngDistrict 11 staff, stakeholders, and community participants seek to enhance, adjust, and improve the use and operation of District 11 facilities and boundaries while maximizing the quality of educational opportunities District 11 offers to our Colorado Springs students and families.

The Optimization of Utilization Committee was charged with answering three questions.

1) How best for District 11 to optimize utilization at all school sites to increase student achievement?

2) Which schools are under optimal utilization?

3) What would it take to make sites that are under-utilized have “optimal utilization”? 

Special Report_Items to Explore 2-6-13.pdfSpecial Report_Items to Explore 2-6-13
APPENDIX H PArt 2 February Decision Analysis_ UTILZATION PROJECT.pdfAPPENDIX H PArt 2 February Decision Analysis_ UTILZATION PROJECT
Utilization Plan 2013_2016.pdfUtilization Plan 2013_2016
2013_2016 Summary.pdf2013_2016 Summary
Appendix H_Decision Analysis_ UTILZATION PROJECT.pdfAppendix H_Decision Analysis_ UTILZATION PROJECT
Appendix G_Other Ideas-All Files(2).pdfAppendix G_Other Ideas-All Files(2)
Appendix F_Summary School Groups.pdfAppendix F_Summary School Groups
Appendix E_Summary School Communities.pdfAppendix E_Summary School Communities
Appendix B_ Project Data.pdfAppendix B_ Project Data
Appendix D_Summary Likes-Dislikes.pdfAppendix D_Summary Likes-Dislikes
Appendix C_Comments-All Groups.pdfAppendix C_Comments-All Groups
Appendix A_ Working Committee Executive Summary.pdfAppendix A_ Working Committee Executive Summary
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