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What is Personalized Learning? 

Despite the prevalence of the term in national conversations, there is not a universal definition of personalized learning. A widely accepted interpretation comes from the U.S. Department of Education and states that “personalization refers to education that is paced to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and tailored to the specific interests of different learners.  There is often a component of technology to support the learning processes.”  

We believe that personalization consists of tailoring learning to the needs of each student, creating flexible learning environments in and out of school, re-imagining how we use human capital, providing learning opportunities unrestricted by traditional school times or calendars, and implementing a wide variety of content delivery methods. Personalization is NOT a program or a single class to be accessed occasionally; rather it is a philosophy embedded into all learning activities to accomplish ACHIEVE Graduate status. At its most mature state personalized learning allows learners to have a wide choice of what, how, when and where they learn, and how they demonstrate their learning (click here for a Day in the Life of a D-11 Student Scenario​).
Although strategies such as differentiation, blended learning opportunities, and the infusion of technology rich choices can be parts of a personalized model, the main feature of personalization lies in the level of ownership that each learner has over their educational pathways. We believe that learners should have the power to choose from a wide variety of pathways and demonstrations of learning in order to achieve educational standards in an authentic and meaningful way. To view the difference between a traditional model of education and a more personalized model, click here
Why Personalized Learning?
Most would agree that the traditional education system is obsolete. A workforce that no longer follows the factory model of the mid-twentieth century demands that we foster more creative and adaptable learners through the public education system. In order to prepare every student for a world yet to be imagined, we must take advantage of modern tools and resources to personalize for each and every learner. By providing daily opportunities to collaborate, problem solve, create, and apply skills in an authentic manner, we ensure our students will be prepared for the dynamic world that awaits them.
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 Day In The Life Scenario

​What could a day in the life of a District 11 student look like in the very near future? Click here to find out.
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