District 11's Learning Resource Services/Instructional Technology team believes that the heart of a school is the school library.  Staff and students trust that technology and library services are available 24/7 so that learning occurs without boundaries.  With library technology services in a school, a Library Technology Educator (LTE) and Library Technology Technician (LTT) utilize the department of Learning Resource Services/Instructional Technology to provide leadership and support so that the heart of the school can beat like a drum. LRS/Instructional Technology leads LTEs and LTTs to inspire students and staff to utilize information literacy skills and instructional technology for learning.  We believe that students intuitively know "how" technology works, and we believe in guiding them to ask the question "why" of the information they encounter.

     LRS/Instructional Technology believes in saying "yes" --- let me show you, help you, provide for you so that your school is successful!

     LRS/Instructional Technology provides the following services:

  • Library Technical Services and e-Resources catalogs and organizes library and instructional resources in schools.
  • Library Technology Program provides program direction and support to Library Technology Educators (LTEs) and Library Technology Technicians (LTTs) in schools to support information literacy skills and instructional technology.
  • Professional Resource Center (PRC) provides professional resources to staff.
  • Software Licensing ensures all district computers/laptops/devices have licensed software that works on the D11 network.

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Learning Resource Services/Instructional Technology

711 East San Rafael Street

Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2555