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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

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Dan Ottersberg
Assistant Principal


Colorado state law mandates that public schools provide an education program for adolescents who are being detained by the courts.  The education program at Spring Creek is facilitated by School District Eleven and is financially supported by twenty-two school districts.

The average length of stay for each student is less than two weeks.  Academically we focus on building bridges to help students be better prepared to return to a public/private/institutional school where they can continue the process of their educational goals or enter the world of work.

Beginning with the 2005/2006 School Year, School District Eleven contracted with the Division of Youth Corrections to provide education services to the committed youth population at Spring Creek.  The average length of stay for the committed youth residents in the treatment program is eight to twelve months, four months for the refocus population, and characteristically 30 days for the committed youth residents pending placement elsewhere.

Spring Creek is considered an alternative school.  It is not a school by choice but rather a temporary situation that provides detained adolescents an opportunity to continue their education when personal circumstances/behavior interfere with their opportunity to attend a school of choice.

The entire education staff is made up of District Eleven employees, the teachers, an Administrative Assistant, and an Assistant Principal.  Mary Lewis, the Director of Student Discipline and Attendance for School District Eleven, oversees the program.

Our goal is for every student to affirm his/her belief that he/she has value in society that is reinforced by developing a sense of self-responsibility and respect for learning.  They learn that education is a lifelong process that includes the development and balance of all the dimensions of life; physical, mental, spiritual (personal value system), and social/emotional.  The internalization and ownership of learning and character development is a must for a successful transition to the real world.