scott_32.jpg6175 Whetstone Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80923
Phone Number: (719) 328-6200
Fax Number:     (719) 260-9587

Interim ​Principal: Mary Crimmins

​Principal's Message
Welcome to our wonderful school! At Scott we are family. We were named after one fabulous woman, Vera Gang Scott who was the first African American principal in our district. We opened under Maggie Lopez who is now a superintendent in Pueblo! Our next principal, Dr. Larry Howard, guided this school to become one of the top performing schools in the state. He served us for ten years and left a great legacy. That legacy is carried on by the secret to our success, the teachers here.

• Our teachers are enthusiastic. They are committed to doing whatever it takes for our children.
• Our teachers are empathetic. They have compassion for each heart we serve.
• Our teachers are effective. They have proven to know h​ow to get results.

It is what I call the 3E’s: Enthusiasm, Empathy, and Effectiveness. These 3 things bring success to anyone and any organization.

Parents, you are important to us. While we partner with you in your journey of raising your children, we invite you to be involved in our work. Join PTA and get involved! Our parents won a national PTA award for the work they have done. We love it when you come read with students, offer to help a teacher, or send recognition for something you appreciate.

Students, YOU are the reason we exist! We will do everything we can to be there for you- to challenge you- to care about you. At Scott we have 3B’s- it is just the way we do things around here. When you are doing these three things it makes our school a fun and happy place to be…

• Be Safe (Think about everything you do)
• Be Respectful (Treat other people kindly)
• Be Responsible (Focus on what is important, get it done)