15 S. Chelton Road
Colorado Springs, CO  80910

Phone Number: (719) 328-7400
Fax Number:     (719) 596-4465
Website: http://monroe.d11.org

Principal: Marlys Berg
Email: Marlys.Berg@d11.org

‚ÄčPrincipal's Message
Monroe Elementary is a very diverse school which has opportunities for all children to learn.  Monroe is a Title I and TAP school. (TAP-The System for Student and Teacher Advancement).  Teachers will be having professional development weekly to help improve student learning. Monroe has many programs during the day- PE, Music, Art, Science, ELL (English Language Learner), Special Education, Reading and Math Interventionists, along with a strong focus in Reading, Math and Writing. We also have many after school clubs: Boy Scouts, Homework, Honor Choir, Educational Games, Student Council and many more clubs. We believe that we prepare our students for their future. Come and visit- Together We Can Make a Difference!