​​​1810 Eastlake Blvd., lifesk1.jpg
Colorado Springs, CO  80910

Phone Number: (719) 471-0684
Fax Number: (719)
Website: http://www.wediducan.com
This Charter School site is not a District 11 website.

Principal: Mary-Catherine Ruben-Clapper

Principal's Message

The unique curriculum used at Life Skills Centers combines academics, life skills preparation, and workplace training. Students attend one five-hour session each day, five days per week. Three hours of every session are spent on academics, including proficiency testing. In addition, students must complete five additional hours of learning opportunities each week. These learning opportunities include, but are not limited to, employment, vocational training, volunteering, and counseling. Students learn primarily on advanced computers and they're fully supported by full-time teachers acting as facilitators.​

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