1023 N. 31st Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Phone Number: (719) 328-4200
Fax Number:     (719) 630-0187
Website: http://howbert.d11.org

Principal: Bryan Relich
Email: Bryan.Relich@d11.org​

​Principal's Message

Howbert Elementary follows the tradition of small neighborhood schools, where students have the luxury of building stable relationships in a warm and familiar setting. An added bonus to our nurturing climate is the large number of parent volunteers who bring their unique gifts and talents to the kaleidoscope of learning activities that go on daily at every level. 

Howbert serves the neighborhood in turn by hosting after-school enrichment classes, Scout activities, PTA, Accountability meetings and numerous seasonal activities. The partnership between Howbert and the community is a vital component of the curriculum through programs such as Junior Achievement. Howbert and the resources of its community are intricately networked to provide real learning experiences for our children.

These partnerships pay dividends in the area of student achievement. Howbert has enjoyed a fine reputation of maintaining higher than average district test scores for many years. With a highly trained staff and the influx of new educational resources, this scenario spells a happy and success-oriented environment for today’s children.