2115 Afton Way
Colorado Springs, CO  80909

Phone Number: (719) 328-2030
Website: http://earlycollege.d11.org

Principal: Aurora Umana-Arko
Email: AURORA.UMANA-ARKO@d11.org

​Principal's Message

Greetings, Students and Parents!

​At Early College High School, it is our job to ensure that our students are ready for a world yet to be imagined by fostering their sense of safety, enticing their academic curiosity, and supporting their academic preparedness.

​We at Early College High School not only set the standard to respect and celebrate each other’s differences, we also encourage academic risk taking. Teachers emphasize that success comes from hard work and perseverance—that when we fall down academically, we simply get back up again and work harder.

Partnered with Pikes Peak Community College, we have built an engaging program for all students throughout the Pikes Peak region. Our curriculum is designed as a coherent unit, with high school and college-level work blended into a single academic program. From our “college for high school credit” courses to our exciting Career Pathways in Automotive, Health Sciences, and Hospitality, students will enjoy a rigorous and relevant education, with highly qualified and dedicated teachers who are excited to grow students to be their best selves.

By courageously choosing to experience high school differently, our students have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree or 60 credit hours towards their Bachelor’s degree. At Early College High School, we consciously integrate the high school and college experience, at no cost to parents.

While we at ECHS provide the skills necessary for students to be successful in college, we also rely on parents and community members to partner with us, for parental and community involvement is a critical component to both our students’ and our school’s success. We are asking parents to serve on the School Accountability Committee, as this committee contributes to Early College High School’s success by overseeing our school’s achievements and providing recommendations to the Administration.​

I am excited to be the principal implementing Early College High School in Colorado Springs School District 11. Whether our students graduate on to the second half of their four-year college degree or move straight into their career, by attending Early College High School, they will carry the internalized discipline necessary for success throughout their lives.


Aurora Umana-Arko
Principal of Early College High School and Career Pathways​