702 Cragmor Road
Colorado Springs, CO  80907

Phone Number: (719) 328-5400
Fax Number: (719) 260-8827
Website: http://bates.d11.org

Principal: Priscilla Barsotti
Email: Priscilla.Barsotti@d11.org 
​Principal's Message:

Nestled in the crags of an established neighborhood, with a university to our north, the Rocky Mountains to our west, and an awesome view of Pikes Peak from our front yard, Bates Elementary is the consummate neighborhood school. Parents and grandparents have rallied around their little neighborhood school with love and support for three generations.
Opened in 1957, this school is named for the author of America the Beautiful. A writer, scholar and English professor, Katharine Lee Bates would be proud of the traditions laid down at this school throughout the generations of children who have passed through our hallowed halls.
With the dawn of a new century, our staff, students, and parents share a collective vision of making Bates a world class school. To this end, we draw on all community resources, university research, our own best practices, and a safe, caring environment to move our students toward personal and academic excellence.