​Unit 1: Investigate Push and Pulls
 Lesson 1: Explore Activity - Investigate Pushes and Pulls 45-60 min.
 Lesson 2: Force and Motion 2-3 sessions, 30-45 min.

Big Idea – Force and Motion and Vocabulary
Interactive Read Aloud (Forces and Motion , Introduction and Chapter 1)
Introduction – Moving Things
What is Force?
Pushes and Pulls

Lesson 3:Forces and Motion Extended Learning Lab - How Does the Roughness of a Surface Affect 
                   the Force Needed to Move an Object Over It? 25-30 min.
 Lesson 4: Ramps 25-30 min.
 Lesson 5: Levers 30-45 min.
 Lesson 6  Think Like A Scientist – Math in Science, Measurement 30-45 min.
 Lesson 7: Directed Inquiry – Investigate Changes in Motion 30-45 min.

Unit 2: Investigate Falling Objects
 Lesson 1: Directed Inquiry – Investigate Falling Objects 30-45 min.
 Lesson 2: Big idea – Gravity and Vocabulary
                Interactive Read Aloud (Forces and Motion , Chapter 2)
 Lesson 3: What is Gravity?
                Guided Inquiry – Investigate Gravity

Unit 3: Magnets and Motion
 Lesson 1: Guided Inquiry – Investigate Magnets and Motion 30-45 min.
 Lesson 2: Big Idea – Magnets and Vocabulary 30-45 min.
                 Interactive Read Aloud (Forces and Motion , Chapter 3)
 Lesson 3: What are Magnets? 1-2 sessions, 30-45 min.
                Magnet Inquiry Lab
 Lesson 4: Conclusion and Open Inquiry 1-2 sessions, 30-45 min.

If science time is restricted, please complete Unit 1 (What is Force) first.
Then if time permits do: Unit 2 (What is Gravity?), Unit 3 (Magnets and Motion).

Grade Level Expectations and Evidence Outcomes:
1. Changes in speed or direction of motion are caused by forces such as pushes and pulls.
a. Identify and predict how the direction or speed of an object may change due to an outside force
b. Analyze and interpret observable data about the impact of forces on the motion of objects