Grade 6 Space and Technology Studies 61-64: Course Overview
Course Number: SCM.6SPCE1 - SCM.6SPC4


View the Video Introduction that demonstrates how students will learn the Scientific Process by investigating principles of flight. This introductory course begins with a presentation on the history of flight through the first flight of the Mercury Space Program. The course includes an introduction to various telecommunications systems. At the end of this course, students participate in a basic shuttle mission simulation run by intermediate (7th grade) students. Many of the technologies studied can be seen at the surrounding Air Force Museums located at Schriever, Peterson, Fort Carson, and the Air Force Academy.
Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 1 Period Length: 0 Grade Level: 6-7 Credit per Semester: 0


Resources on the Scientific Process: See how the Wright brothers used the scientific process to design their first successful airplane.

S Start with a testable question. Wright Brother's Online Exhibit
C Collect information from varied sources. Wright Brothers Research Problems of Flight Video
I If....then statement: Develop a hypothesis. Wright Brothers Design Their Experimental Plane Video
E Experiment The Wright Brothers Test Their Prototype Video
N Notice the controls and variables. Wright Brother's Online Exhibit
C Communicate the results in written and graphic form. Wright Brothers Communicate Results Video
E Evaluate the process for further questions. Wright Brothers Evaluate the First Flight Video