​​​Mission and Vision

The District 11 Gifted Magnet Program understands and fosters the unique academic and emotional needs of gifted students. Students will learn to problem solve, develop creative products, display intellectual curiosity, and analyze and evaluate ideas.  We will provide rigorous, engaging, interdisciplinary and thematic instruction, social and emotional education specific to the needs of gifted students, and opportunities for community responsibility and involvement.
Are you the parent of an ACADEMICALLY GIFTED STUDENT
who will be in 3rd-8th grade in 2017-2018?
Colorado Springs School District 11 has
Gifted Magnet Program options
for your child!
You are invited to our Middle School & Elementary School informational meetings:
April 27, 2017​Fremont Elementary6:00 pm
​5110 El Camino Dr 80918
​May 1, 2017​Stratton Elementary​​6:00 pm
2460 Paseo Road  80907


For more information:
Beth Graber            elizabeth.graber@d11.org        Fremont and Stratton Elementary
                                                               West Middle School
Becky Marsh           rebecca.marsh@d11.org          Sabin Middle School

Gifted & Talented Office                                        719-520-2464

Your child may be a perfect candidate for our self-contained gifted and talented program for gifted students in grades 3-8!  We have two elementary sites at Stratton Elementary and Fremont Elementary. Our two middle school sites are at Sabin and West Middle School. An application is required and acceptance of eligible students is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Curriculum and instruction in the magnet program uses the state standards as a springboard toward advanced programming.  Teachers deliver instruction by differentiating content, process and product, emphasizing complexity, multiple perspectives, ethical real-world issues, critical and creative thinking,  problem-based learning and leadership/learning styles in a conducive learning environment.  The program focuses on interdisciplinary units, in a more in-depth approach with smaller class sizes at the elementary level.  Possible themes that may be covered include change, conflict, adaptation, form/function, systems, perspective, patterns and independence vs. interdependence. 




 View our Power Point Presentation of the GMP at Elementary School here:
 View our Presentation of the GMP at Middle School here:


West Middle School Website - http://west.d11.org

Sabin Middle School Website - http://sabin.d11.org/Pages/SAIL-Information.aspx


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  • Advanced Proficiency by Design - a quarter or semester class for GT middle school students to meet every day with intellectual peers and develop academic and social skills.  Schools offering this class include Russell, Sabin, and Holmes Middle Schools.  Teachers use a curriculum that is fast paced and complex for GT learners.
  • Math and Literacy Clusters for GT - Chipeta, Trailblazer, and Scott Elementary Schools have chosen a service delivery model, which clusters GT students for a portion of each day in area/s of strength (math and/or language arts). GT students not only enjoy working with intellectual peers but also focus on advanced proficiency level of Colorado.
  • Science Challenge - is an exciting field science program for fourth through eighth grade students. It is structured as a magnet with students from throughout the district meeting at a central site one day a week for six weeks. From that meeting place students travel to a variety of locations in the Pikes Peak region to practice science in a field setting. Science Challenge serves two purposes for gifted learners. First, it allows for intense, in depth study that is not commonly found in the classroom.  Secondly, it gives students a chance to work with a recognized expert in the field. Since many gifted students have the intellect and motivation to excel academically it is wise to provide powerful role models during a period of their life when the importance of academics may be put on the back burner. The program has garnered national and international recognition. The Science Challenge has been featured at the Colorado Association of Gifted Education Conference, the National Science Teachers Association Conference, and the International Conference on Geo-Science Education. To help fund the program, fees are collected from the students who participate.  Fee reductions are provided to help students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program. Students learn science and have fun while exploring the front range of the Colorado Plateau. Students with a passion for science should plan to join the School District 11 Science Challenge Team to investigate the unique geology found in the American West. Students travel by bus to various locations each Thursday for a six-week session in a choice of 3 sessions based on grade in school. For more information contact Mr. Jim Keating at keatij@d11.org.
  • Bemis Art Program -  An accelerated art program for elementary students in grades 3-5.  Each semester building art teachers select students (using a checklist) who they believe are advanced in the visual arts and would benefit from the program.   Students take art courses such as drawing, painting, printmaking and digital photography.  The elementary Bemis Art program addresses middle school art standards encouraging students to extend themselves. The district Gifted and Talented department offers scholarships for students who need assistance, and there are satellite courses for students residing in the southeast (McAuliffe Elementary) and northeast (Freedom Elementary).  For more information about the program, contact 520-2464.