​​ The Early Access window opens on January 2nd and closes on February 29th, or the last day of February. All portfolio contents must be received by 4:00 PM on February 29th. Due to the large size of District 11 and resources necessary for the Early Access process, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to the deadline.  

Our Early Access team of teachers, administrators, and gifted education specialists score portfolios during the month of March. Children whose portfolios score high enough to continue with the EA process will be called for an interview in April. After the interview process, some children will not continue forward. Those who do will then be tested by our psychologist in April and May.  
Early Access: General Information 
Colorado House Bill 1021 provides the legislation necessary to allow highly advanced gifted students who are age four by October 1st to begin kindergarten, or age five by October 1st to begin first grade, if it is found that the student qualifies as both highly gifted and developmentally ready to begin school early. Please note that this option pertains to a small percentage of gifted students who score in the top 2% on both achievement and cognitive tests and require grade level acceleration. The early access process includes a portfolio and interview stage, and if appropriate, the administration of achievement and cognitive assessments.  Portfolios will be accepted up through the end of February, interviews conducted during March and testing administered during April.  Decisions made by our Early Access committee concerning eligibility will occur by May 1st.   
Parents who are interested in the early access option need to download and complete the below portfolio components, and submit them to the district gifted and talented department (1115 North El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO 80903).  Please note that the Gifted Rating Scale-P needs to be obtained from the district gifted and talented department by calling 520-2464, since it is a normed assessment and we do not have permission to scan it. If you are leaving a message for the Gifted Rating Scale-P, please include your name, address and phone number. Once the portfolio components are submitted, they will be reviewed to determine if an interview is appropriate.
State law:  "Highly Advanced Gifted Child" means a gifted child whose body of evidence demonstrates a profile of exceptional ability or potential compared to same-age gifted children.  To meet the needs of highly advanced development, early access to educational services may be considered as a special provision.  For purposes of early access into kindergarten or first grade, the highly advanced gifted child exhibits exceptional ability and potential for accomplishment in cognitive process and academic areas.   The Colorado Department of Education's list of guidelines regarding this process notes that "early access shall not be an acceleration pattern recommended for the majority of age 4 or age 5 gifted children who will benefit from preschool gifted programming that responds to the strength area.  The purpose of early access is to identify and serve the few highly advanced gifted children who require comprehensive academic acceleration." 
Early Access:  Portfolio components  Please complete all portfolio components below and submit to District 11 gifted and talented department between January 2 and February 29, at 4:00 PM  (1115 N. El Paso, Colorado Springs, CO 80903).  Questions can be directed to the gifted and talented department at 520-2464.


Due to large size of our district and the amount of resources necessary to complete the Early Access process in District 11, portfolios must be received by the deadline. Only complete portfolios will be considered. Please ensure that you have completed all of the portions listed below:​

**Please Note: To ensure that we receive all online forms, please call the GT Office (520-2464) and let us know when you submit any of the forms. In lieu of online submissions, you may also use the PDF links below, print out the forms, and include them with the other portfolio components listed below (supporting materials, letter, etc.). We apologize for any inconvenience.

~Thank you.


Early Access Application.pdf

Checklist of My Child's Strengths.pdf

Parent Information Form.pdf


Early Access Application - Click here to apply online.

  • Write a check for $25 (made out to District 11), or pay online at MySchoolBucks. We hire our EA team to be part of the scoring process. This fee helps to pay our team.
  • Letter describing why you are applying for early access. Please indicate why you believe your child is a highly gifted learner. This is a different situation than being "Kindergarten Ready." Many children are ready for Kindergarten before their 5th birthday. The EA process is different in that it helps us locate and identify gifted children. 
  • Checklist of "My Child's Strengths."
  • Parent Information Form (Derived from the Kingore Observation Inventory)​
  • Gifted Rating Scale-P (Please have your child's most current educator complete the Gifted Rating Scale-P; must call district gifted and talented department to obtain the Gifted Rating Scale-P at 520-2464.)
  • Supporting materials:
    - Describe reading ability (paragraph)
    - Examples of number sense and higher level math skills
    - Examples of writing ability
    - Examples of problem solving and creativity
  • Any available testing information (public/private) 


  •  Resources
  • Identification
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