Advisory Council for Gifted and Talented Students
The Gifted and Talented Department formed a committee to plan and implement a district advisory council for Gifted and Talented Students. The council includes parents, staff, community members, and high school student representatives from around the district.
Mission Statement
To ensure that the Parent, Family, Student and Staff perspectives are honored and
acknowledged as an integral part of Gifted Education
The intent of the Council is to gather, communicate and disseminate information to key
stakeholders, as well as advocate, influence, and support programming for Gifted and
Talented Students in District.
To serve in an advisory capacity to the District on new policies regarding Gifted
and Talented Education.
To promote family engagement by providing support and resources to families of
Gifted and Talented students.
To identify, advise and respond to issues in Gifted Education in the District.
To promote communication of district gifted identification and programming
procedures to all schools and families.
How is membership decided?
The Gifted Department sends out nomination forms yearly to all identified gifted and
talented families in the district as well as identified gifted high school students.
Nomination forms are collected. If more then one representative from each school site
occurs, then ballots are distributed for a vote.
Who is on the Council?
The Advisory council is made up of :
One parent from each high school, middle school, elementary, and charter school(s).
Up to two patrons from D11 who are business leaders and community members who do not have children in the district.
One student from each high school.
One elementary magnet teacher, one elementary general education teacher, one middle school magnet teacher, one high school general education teacher, and one special service provider.
2014 Wording- Harrison District 2