​​​​Food and Nutrition Services
"No" Charge Meal Policy

​Colorado Springs School District 11 does not allow meal charges, except during the first thirty days of school. 
District 11 complies with Federal USDA policies on meal charging and debt collection.  All meal charges must be paid back to District 11.  Uncollected meal debt will be sent to collections per Federal guidelines.
​​​For a complete, detailed look at our process, please click: 
District 11 No Charge Meal Policy v.092616.pdf
Zero-Balance Prevention:
Parents can track balances themselves online, sign up for email notifications for free, and set up an auto payment low-balance threshold by following the links to the MySchoolBucks.com web site.  

Every student may access their meal account at www.myschoolbucks.com
(Please Note:  charter school sites should select Colorado Springs School District 11 in the "School District" drop-down menu.) ​

If behavior patterns develop with students who consistently do not have money for meals, the Kitchen Manager will discuss this problem with the principal, counselor, student, or parent to determine the best solution for the student.

​Adult Meals:
Adults are not allowed to charge meals or A la Carte purchases, as per USDA policy regarding school food service use of Federal NSLP funds.


​The "No Meal Charge" policy has been in place in District 11 since 2001.