Lost Student ID?

Middle and High School Students 
Students will be provided their initial School Student ID card and 3 additional “Meal Only” replacement cards at “no charge” each school year.  

~Additional “Meal Only”* will be $2.50 (after 3 free replacements.)  
~Replacement School Student ID Cards with student picture are available from the school.   The Student ID replacement cost is determined by the school. 

The Meal Only card, a non-color ID card that does not carry a student photograph, is only good in the school cafeteria.

The Kitchen Manager should maintain a record of replacement cards throughout the year.  When the third replacement card is requested, the Kitchen Manager should request a parental notification letter with the card.

This policy is keeping within the guidelines set by the USDA/CDE.  Reference the CDE Administrator’s Reference Manual page 4.2.

Elementary School Students
Students will be provided their initial Meal Only card.  These cards will be maintained in the Cafeteria.  Elementary students will only be charged a replacement fee as described above, if there is “mischief” involved.

Middle school and high school students who do not have their meal card will be asked to wait until there is no line before they are served a meal.  The cashiers will have a printed roster of names and student ID numbers and will enter the student ID number to serve the meal.

All students that wish to use their account or take advantage of a free or reduced status must be identified in the computer, this is done with their ID number or their ID card. 

Students paying full price cash do not need to be identified.