Food Safety is Important to Our Health

Food Safety

Food Safety is our Number One priority in School District 11 Food & Nutrition Services.

Key Processes used to ensure Food Safety in Colorado Springs School District 11:

Temperature Logs

Temperature logs are maintained for all equipment that holds food such as refrigerators, freezers, warmers, and milk coolers. Logs are also maintained daily for food temperatures … These Logs are kept on file at each site for 3 years.

Sanitation and
Personal Hygiene
Quaternary Ammonia sanitizer is used for sanitizing all equipment and food contact surfaces.
Proper hand washing is required before and after all food preparation. Hair restraints and disposable gloves are provided for all employees.

Pest Control

A Pest Control system is maintained within the department that includes maintaining clean facilities and monthly professional inspections and effective treatment when necessary.

Food Safety Training in CSSD11

  • New Employee Orientation includes 3-4 hours of Food Safety Training
ServSafe™ Certification (
  • All Management are ServSafe™ certified by NSF
  • All Kitchen Managers and lead cooks areServSafe™ certified by NSF
Site Audits
  • Monthly self audit for every site done by trained kitchen manager
  • Management Audits/Reviews
  • Bimonthly
  • Daily site visits to schools

Food Safety at Home

Please see our Food Safety at Home page for tips on keeping the food served at home safe.

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If you have questions or concerns about food safety in Colorado Springs School District 11 Food & Nutrition Services meal programs, please call us at (719) 520-2924.