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Eat at Home!  Eat at School!  Please just EAT something!!!
"Nutrition is something D11 cares about ALL year long, not just at testing time."
Breakfast is served in selected cafeterias daily before school. A nice variety of hot and cold breakfast items are served each weekday.


Reduced Priced Breakfast is now FREE in all schools,
Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that students who start their day with breakfast, perform better in their studies and athletics.
Breakfast is served in these outstanding CSSD11 schools:
Audubon Elementary Galileo Middle School CIVA High School
Bristol Elementary Holmes Middle School Coronado High School
Carver Elementary Jenkins Middle School Doherty High School
Columbia Elementary Mann Middle School Mitchell High School
Edison Elementary North Middle School Palmer High School
Fremont Elementary Russell Middle School RJWAC Schools
Globe Charter Sabin Middle School  
Grant Elementary Swigert Middle School
Henry Elementary West Middle School
Hunt Elementary
Jackson Elementary
Keller Elementary  
Madison Elementary
McAuliffe Elementary
Midland Elementary
Monroe Elementary
Penrose Elementary
Queen Palmer Elementary
Rogers Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Rudy Elementary
STAR Academy Schools
Stratton Elementary
Taylor Elementary
Twain Elementary
West Elementary
Wilson Elementary


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