Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
About Choice Open Enrollment in School District 11
• What is the Choice option, and who may apply?
Choice Open Enrollment is an opportunity to apply for enrollment in a District 11 school outside of a student’s assigned attendance area.  Both in-district and out-of-district students are eligible to apply.
• When is the Choice option available?
This option may be exercised during the choice window. The choice enrollment window is open each year from November 1 (or the first school day after) through February 15 (or the last school day before) for the following school year. Schools may also accept choice applications up to Labor Day on a space available basis. 
• What is Choice?  Is this different than a permit?
No.  In February 2010 new language was adopted to align with state law.  The Choice Open Enrollment process replaced the process previously known as the permit process. 
• What is the process for applying for Choice?
A Choice Open Enrollment Application is completed by the student’s parent/guardian and submitted to the principal’s office at the school the student wishes to attend.  Application forms are available in every school building, at the central Enrollment Office and on this website.
• Which students have enrollment priority?
Students who reside within a school’s attendance area have enrollment priority, followed by students who attended the school on a previously-approved choice application.   Preference is also given to students of District 11 employees and those who have siblings enrolled in the same school.
• How are Choice Open Enrollment Applications approved?
Each school evaluates their capacity to serve students requesting enrollment through the Open Enrollment Choice option.  According to state law, Choice applications can only be denied if:
  • There is lack of space or teaching staff  
  • The school does not offer a requested or appropriate program to meet the needs of the student 
  • The student does not meet established eligibility criteria for participation in a particular program (e.g., age requirements, course prerequisites) 
  • The student is currently expelled, has been expelled in the preceding 12 months, or has been expelled as a habitually disruptive student or for a serious violation
• How will I be notified about approval or denial of my Choice Open Enrollment Application?
The principal of the school where you apply for a permit will make the decision as to whether your application is accepted or denied and notify you of that decision. Some schools will notify you of their decision during the Open Enrollment Choice window; others will wait until the end of the window.  Applications submitted after the window closes will be reviewed and acted upon within 10 school days.
• How long are approved Choice Open Enrollment Applications valid?
Approved applications for open enrollment choice will be valid up to the duration of the academic level (elementary, middle, high).  Students must re-apply to attend a school other than their designated attendance areas school at the next academic level.  
• Can my student transfer to another school during the school year? He is not happy at his current school.
Parents may request a change of schools during the current school year if there are special or unusual circumstances.  If approved, the transfer applies to the remainder of the current school year only.  In such cases it is necessary to complete a Choice Administrative Transfer Application and submit it to the Principal at your son's current school and the Principal at the requested school.  They will consider your request.
• Can students from outside District 11’s attendance boundaries apply for open enrollment choice?
Students from outside D11 attendance boundaries may be considered under these same guidelines and must complete the Choice Open Enrollment Application and submit it to their school of choice. 
• My student is currently attending a D11 school on a CHOICE permit. Do I have to re-apply for next year?
It depends.  If you have an approved Choice Open Enrollment Application that application will be valid for the duration of the academic level.  For example, if your student is currently in 3rd grade, your approved application will be valid through the end of 5th grade, or two years.  However, if your student will be in 6th grade next year, you will need to re-apply for choice/open enrollment if you wish to attend a middle school other than your designated attendance area school.
• My 5th grade student is currently attending a D-11 elementary school on a Choice Open Enrollment 
   Application.  Next year, I want her to attend the middle school in our neighborhood.  What do I need to do?
You do not need to complete an Choice Open Enrollment Application to enroll your student in the neighborhood school in your attendance area as you move to the next academic level.  However, you might advise the elementary school office of your plans so that your student’s records are directly sent to the correct middle school.
• Can Choice Open Enrollment Applications be revoked or withdrawn?
Choice Open Enrollment Applications may be revoked or withdrawn by a school for a limited set of reasons, and the Superintendent reserves the right to revoke and/or amend any or all permits in accordance with law and Board of Education policy.  See policy JFBA/JFBB and associated regulations.
• How can I get more information?
Contact the Enrollment office at:
1033 N. Franklin Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
(719) 520-2297